The Griz

How it came about

In 2016, Jodie and Jordan – were searching for something that would really
challenge our ability to survive in the wild with just their basic skills and
determination. They couldn’t find what we were looking for so bought their own
woodland and created The Griz.
There’s nothing else quite like The Griz in the UK outside of the taught survival
experiences - where you can really test your own skills, resilience, and mental
strength in as close to a real survival situation as safely possible. There are
other like-minded people out there who’ve been looking for a similar challenge.

Why we are doing it

For the love of the outdoors spending time in the woods and to personally challenge ourselves. As Northern Limits are serving and Veteran Soldiers, we believe in the charities that Tangier Wood has chosen.

Who we are doing it for

Tangier Wood has chosen 2 amazing charities to raise money for:

Helping Homeless Veterans UK - 

Nourish Community Food Bank - 



Are you are able to donate anything to help us raise funds for these 2 great charities that help so many people?

If you are, please find the link below to our just giving page. All donations go to the charities.

You can also donate through the posts on our Instagram account.

If you can't donate anything, then please just give us your support.