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Grayzy - The Griz - My Kit and Winter Training

Free weekend... Let's get some training done!

The thoughts of a highly caffeinated Bushcraft and Survival instructor when it is only 2 degrees Celsius outside. Great idea...

Gearing up for pack my kit in the morning before embarking on a 36 hour survival run, I realised I can only take the kit I will be using on The Griz, 10 items. But for some reason I had an idea to go with less to further test myself. I gave it a fleeting thought went automatically defaulted to our motto 'TRAIN HARD, SURVIVE EASY'. This is what I went with...

Having given my 10 items some great and in-depth thought, fighting with many scenarios. Using my past experiences as a Soldier and a Survivalist in making this very difficult list of items from an already limited list prescribed by Jordan and Jodie. I must say, the mental anguish this alone have caused has made be use my free time up more than I care to admit (even whilst at work).

  1. Ferro Rod

  2. Sleeping Bag

  3. Bivvy Bag

  4. 50m Paracord

  5. Spool of Snaring Wire

  6. Knife (Stone Circle Workshop)

  7. Folding Saw

  8. Arcturus Survival Tarp

  9. Billy Can

  10. Sharpening Stone (Victorinox)

Billy Cantis what I have decided on for the challenge. Not exactly what I took out on a 36 survival run. I intentionally left my sleeping bag, snaring wire and sharpener behind to make myself work harder. This would test my fire craft in being able to stay warm at night. A challenge within itself due to it going down to 2 degree again during the night.

Once out on the ground, I built myself a shelter by a stream ad used the crap what was lying around, a lot of someone's waste wood. Tarp over the top and made myself a raised bed under a fallen tree and a natural mud wall. I felt like I was in a coffin. Arcturus Survival is amazing, reflective inner side. Longfire set up, heat circulating and bouncing off the reflective surface and now I'm fully toastie! Once I got into my my bivvy bag and settled in for the night the fire started to lower its efficiency as the fuel burnt out.

Then I remembered a trick I picked up on from Dan Wowak from Coalcracker Bushcraft. Turn your water bottle as a heat source. I boiled up some water inside of it and put it into my spare sock to stop it burning me. Dropped it at the bottom of my bivvy bag and it warmed me up enough to sleep again.

It wasn't the best night sleep i had, but I still slept. Breakfast then pack up between filming.

As I carry my on training and research as much as I can, fund raising is starting to become difficult to concentrate on. Paj, Poppy and I are spread in 3 seperate parts of the UK, getting things up are proving difficult.

Wonder how Paj is getting on? Modern methods all the way!

If you can donate anything to our cause, please click on the justgiving link

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