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The Griz is Looming

After a successful weekend training in Shropshire at Spirited Adventure, Paj and I met up with James Hehir who owes the company. We have met him previously and a had a weekend getting know him. He is an outstanding individual with a lot of experience in Bushcraft and friction fires.

We went down there to get some mutual training in and help him out in his woodland as we usually do. The only difference this time is that Paj and I took the kit we are using for The Griz to trial the load out we will be using for the challenge.

Although we are going head to head for the event for bragging right within Northern Limits, we will still train each other for maximum amount competition. The more knowledge that we soaked up off James and each other we come to the realisation that there is going to be a lot of similarities in our tactics out on the ground. We also had the realisation that there is more gaps in skill that we both have to get a grip of. Me personally, I know if we have our ferro rods removed from us or we somehow happen to lose it, I'll have a harder time in getting a fire going using friction than Paj will. I also noticed that Paj will struggle with short term survival considerations that are second natural to me.

I have an interview Live on Instagram coming up with Jordan, the creator of The Griz in the next few weeks to talk about tactics, kit and other Griz related things. Although I am excited about it, I also very nervous about pushing Northern Limits to the Live world in the right way. I also consider, am I giving too much away? But, we are humble instructors and will always give away our knowledge for free. After all, in a business, people pay us for our time. Bushcraft is for all and we started out by sponging knowledge off people, and still do. Although, it makes for a bigger challenge when everyone is of a similar level.

Until then, stay safe and as Paj says; stay in the woods!

Grayzy out!

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