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Since launching in October 2020 Northern Limits has grown in size and in reputation.
From the idea of Chief Instructor Grayzy of pushing out knowledge of bushcraft, survival and outdoors living fused with the experience from his 19 years (and still counting) career in the British Army.
Now Northern Limits has instructors who are still serving members of the British Army and veterans. Using the experiences and skill sets from them all to educate those looking for the outdoor experiences they've been looking for.
We also freelance for other companies around the UK because of our qualifications and our professional reputation.
Running Bushcraft Basics courses to bespoke training for adults and children. Traveling the UK to deliver the training that people want and long for to get out of the towns and cities to reconnect with nature.
We guarantee that you will learn in a safe, professional and exciting environment. We strive for your success in the outdoors so you can gain the confidence to start becoming self-reliant.
We are DBS checked and fully insured to ensure that you know your safety is paramount to us.
We wish to join you on your Bushcraft journey, whether it is your first or 100th experience.
See you out on the ground!


What will your challenge be?



What challenge will you take?

Day Course - from £45 Spend a full day learning the 4 Pillars of Survival: Fire, Shelter, Water and Food in this condensed course.

Overnight Experience - from £70
Challenge yourself to learn the 4 Pillars of Survival and spend the night in the woods sleeping in the shelters you have made if you're brave enough.

Bushcraft Basics Weekend - from £140 This enhanced 4 Pillars of Survival course is for you to learn the skills needed to be self-reliant in the field. Spend first-day learning and the second spending time on bushcraft projects set by the instructors maintaining your newly found skills.

Stag / Hen Overnight / Weekend - from £85/150 Is it someone's big day fast approaching? Why not do something different? Travel out to the woods and learn some new skills and have fun in nature doing bushcraft-related games and challenges topped off with a bushcraft banquet fit for any future bride or groom.

Bespoke Group Training - from £80 Corporate or company bookings for team building or confidence working in a team. We can create a specific programme for you and your team based on your requirements and request. Going to work doesn't always have to be in the office.

Fire - Primitive to Present - £45 (Full day)In this comprehensive fire course you will be given the knowledge to be able to create fire as our ancestors did by using flint rock, friction fires (rubbing sticks together) all the way up to using the most up to date methods.

10 Item Survival - £70 This is where you test yourself. Join us as we enter the wild with only choosing 10 items. Receive training for the first half of the day then choose your items carefully to get through the next 24 hours. Whilst learning constantly throughout the time you are with us, so you are confident to use your chosen gear wisely.

5 Item Challenge - £70 Think you can up the ante on the 10 Item Challenge? Same Challenge... half of the items.

3 Item Challenge - £70 Well... 24 hours in the wild... 3 items of your choosing and the clothing on your back. Can you survive the night?

Call or email for arrangements
15% Armed Forces/Blue Light/NHS discount available.



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