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What our students have said

Fantastic learning all about living out in the wilderness and how to survive.
- David M

David M

Had an absolutely amazing time getting back into the outdoors and has rekindled my love of bushcraft! Sean the instructor was professional, fantastic and explained everything in an easy to understand way and guided me through every step in a comprehensive manner. Perfect for newbies or those who are rusty with their skills! I will 100% be doing this again

Cullen B

Instructors are really knowledgeable and friendly. They accommodated everyone's individual needs and did their best for student success. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get into the outdoors. They really built up my confidence to do this myself. Big thank you

Sam S

It was well organised and professional. I learned a lot thanks to the training provided by the instructors, all while enjoying my time spent there.

Owen L

Really excellent experience would recommend to anyone ,learnt a lot on them few days which can take back to the civi world thanks a lot to Sean and his team 👍

Charlie K

What an amazing day today, the kids spent a day with Grayzy from Northern Limits Bushcraft and Survival. The kids had a whole day session with Grayzy and learned so much. They made fire using Ferro rods, made campfire bread and made elderflower tea. Grayzy even had time to play hide and seek. Very happy and tired kids, I can’t recommend Northern Limits Bushcraft and Survival enough get out there and book a day with Grayzy 👍🏻💪🏻

Bryan Jackson

Amazing experience learned a lot about life and survival, loads of skills and variations of approaches to those skills, very well planned out day, professional approach but also laid back and fun, amazing experience, well recommended!

Carl Stacy

Had an excellent overnighter, learned a lot from making our own pegs and mallet to various different ways to start a fire, and made a shelter and the knots to use. They are very informative and patient and will take you through everything you need to know on how to bushcraft, very fun lessons, highly recommend them.


I’ve done a few weekends with Northern limits now and enjoyed them thoroughly.
Over these weekends I’ve learned how whittle my own cutlery (which has now turned into a bit of a hobby), different types of fires, shelter building, different styles of fire ignition and general wild camping etiquette.
I’ve recently got my hands on one of Northern Limits’ hard case fire lighting kits which I’m looking forward to using on my first solo overnight trip in a few weeks.
I’m planning to do a few more one nighters and weekend trips with NLB&S over the summer and would fully recommend them to anyone looking to learn how to survive in the wilderness.

KG Fitness and Combat

Had a great overnight bushcraft experience, learned some great skills even from just an introduction to bushcraft such as starting a fire with different tinder and techniques, fire lays and blades safety around camp. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, definitely going to get myself on the next weekend/longer course that Grayzy and Northern Limits offer!

Rob Straker

Sean (Course Leader) is extremely knowledgeable and delivers the course in a very open and patient manner. I have a tendency to zone out with instructive teaching but both Sean and his assistant Callum kept me engaged throughout the day and evening. We learned about the ancient and cultural history of fire before learning methods for various types of fire-starting and maintenance; whittling; shelter-building; water purification and hygiene in the wild amongst much more. Sean’s wealth of knowledge from serving for 17 years in the military really transferred to his style of delivery - the day, though busy was really enjoyable and flew by. Sitting around the fire late at night and talking was probably my favourite part. A really restorative social experience at a time when we would all likely benefit from such traditional experience. Highly recommended.

Mark Hammond


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