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The Passion Behind the Business



Chief Instructor

Grayzy has been serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps for the past 19 years as a Combat Medic.


Trained by a number of well-known instructors in the community, along with numerous Army instructors in the field of survival.


Grayzy uses the skills learned from others and using his military experience to teach the more modern methods of bushcraft and survival. He teaches around the UK with his team.


A well-traveled individual, he has used his skills around the world from European countries, Canada, Middle East to the Mediterranean.


He is a medical trauma specialist, Skill at Arms Instructor, shooting coach, Army survival instructor. He specialises in short to medium-term survival.



Assistant Chief Instructor

James is also currently serving as a paramedic for the British Army and NHS.


James has spent most of his life being fascinated with the outdoors and survival, learning skills to live within nature. This started from a young age where he went camping and practiced survival skills, taught by his father. Over the years, he has become an enthusiast in primitive and traditional survival methods; constantly practicing the skills our ancestors would have used hundreds and thousands of years ago, and indigenous people use today.


James has attended primitive and traditional courses with well known instructors within the industry. He has learned animal preparation and tool creation from the carcass, flint knapping, friction fire, wild edible plant identification and survival shelter construction.

Over the years, he has practiced these skills in many different environments such as the plains in Kenya, the French Alps in winter, Scottish highlands and numerous other places in the UK. James has always wanted to pass on the survival knowledge he has obtained to those who wish to share his passion for bushcraft and survival.


Callum Pomford

Staff Instructor

Originally from South London Callum moved to a small village in Merseyside when he was 9 years old on the footstep of a national trust and costal area. Being from a very urban environment he found a fascination in nature and for nearly 20 years he has taken every opportunity to spend time in the outdoors in activities such as Sailing, Rock Climbing, Survival, Bushcraft, Orienteering, and Shooting.

Callum is a Reserve Infantry Soldier that has served with a United Nations Peace Keeping force. Whist Deployed here he had 9 months of Practicing Bushcraft skills in a very wild environment. Callum spends his time practicing and refining his skills in Survival and Bushcraft whilst still maintaining his commitment to the Army Reserve.

He is now further pursuing Bushcraft and Survival Instructor Qualifications and any outdoor skill that takes his interest as an avid Outdoorsman

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