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The Griz - The Interview

Well... That went a lot better than I thought! I had a great time with the interview. It was the first time I had ever been live on a social media platform; nevermind being interviewed live!

Jordan is a great bloke, considering he allowed Paj, Poppy and I run a course at Tangier a few months ago. He was an absolute gent in his interviewing technique and it has a natural ability to build an instant rapport with people. Lots of banter!

He had done the same with Tom Wellsy, another Griz participant, the week before. He used the same 5 questions with me to get a general jist of how we are all gearing up for the event.

The shortened version (very shortened version) of the interview can be viewed on the Northern Limits Instagram account if you haven't seen it yet. I'm very much in a good place in where I want to be in my training, but there is always room for betterment. Just remember, practice doesn't make perfect, it makes you better than you were.

Paj is up next on the live interviews, 6 March 22 1900hrs on Instagram. Check out @primitive.vibes or @tangierwood. Hopefully we will see you there! After that Poppy will be on aswell, but the date hasn't been arranged yet.

If you still haven't, here is the link for our justgiving page if you could be kind enough to donate to Helping Homeless Veterans UK. If you can spare anything, we and HHVUK will greatly appreciate it so they can continue the outstanding work they are doing.

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